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Doin' the Bad Girl Boogie

Cherry Dollface
11 June
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I love 40's and 50's culture. I love collecting vintage things. I love to dance. I love my friends and family. I do PR and Marketing for Knuckleheads Clothing Inc. (knuckleheadsclothing.com). I am also a full time student at WSU. I am graduating in December and moving to LA by Christmas.


I just started a new community for people who live or want to live a vintage lifestyle. Join and share!

1930's, 1940's, 1950's, 1959 galaxie, 1959 impala, antique jewelry, antiques, atomic era, b movies, bark cloth, being married, big band, big brother, billy idol, brenda lee, building cars, bulldogs, business, car restoration, carl perkins, carole landis, cary grant, cat eye glasses, cheesecake modeling, cherrydollface.com, christmas, chuck berry, ck deluxe, classic movies, college, connie francis, custom cars, dancehall, dancing, deke dickerson, del shannon, diamonds, dog bone furniture, doo wop, eames era, frantic flintstones, funny people, galaxie's, gene tierney, gloves, greys anatomy, guana bats, halloween, history, honky tonk, hopped up, horror movies, hot rods, impalas, ireland, jackie wilson, james intveld, jitterbug, jiving, john waters, kustom kulture, lana turner, leopard spots, lined stockings, love, madonna, marilyn monroe, marriage, marti brom, modeling, money, my husband, my puppies, naps, ol skool rodz, old hollywood, old movies, oldies, patriotism, patsy cline, pep torres, percy sledge, pin curls, pin up modeling, pole lamps, pontiacs, prince buster, project runway, psychobilly, psychology, pulp novels, raggae, ragtime, reading, reality tv, road trips, rock and roll, rockabilly, roy kay trio, royal kustoms, rude boys, rude girls, rugby, sex and the city, ska, solomon burke, strolling, swing, swing dancing, tattoos, the crystals, the hot rod-a-rama, the quakes, the rockabilly ball, top chef, traveling, two stepping, vincent price, vintage, vintage clothing, vintage hair, vintage luggage, vintage movie posters, viva las vegas, wanda jackson, war movies, waterfall furniture, western swing, wwii